Memorials in ANZAC Parade

At the head or eastern end of ANZAC Parade is the Australian War Memorial and looking westward one can view the memorials situated in ANZAC Parade with the old and new Parliament Houses in the background.

They are pictured below:

Desert Mounted Corps Memorial
The Desert Mounted Corps Memorial

Australian Army Memorial
The Australian Army Memorial

The Australian/Hellenic Memorial
The Australian/Hellenic Memorial

Kemal Ataturk Memorial
The Kemal Ataturk Memorial

The Royal Australian Air Force Memorial
The Royal Australian Air Force Memorial

Royal Australian Navy Memorial
The Royal Australian Navy Memorial

Rats of Tobruk Memorial
The Rats of Tobruk Memorial

Vietnam Memorial
The Vietnam Memorial

The Nurses Memorial
The Nurses Memorial

The Korean War Memorial

ANZAC Parade is flanked by Australian Blue Gum trees and the centre of the Parade is planted with New Zealand Hebe plants (the ANZAC connection).

These memorials are controlled and maintained by the National Capital Authority. For additional information on these memorials visit: http://www.nationalcapital.gov.au/experience/attractions/anzac_parade/

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