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(As of January 2009)

Our badges are commissioned by us and are manufactured in Australia. Since 1 February 2009, new metal badges and a medallion have been added.

(Metallic badges photographed in different years may appear to vary in colour.)

Obtaining badges

Badges and the medallion are available through our ONLINE SHOP (minimum order $15A including shipping and taxes) and, within Australia, by mail order (click here for instructions). They may also be available directly from other outlets in Australia (badges only).  

For Queenslanders: All badges are available from RSL sub-branches across the State and from RSL displays in major shopping centres for 10 - 14 days prior to ANZAC Day. When not available from an RSL - use mail order.

In the Australian Capital Territory the badges are available from the Australian War Memorial Shop.

In Victoria, the badges are available from the Shrine of Remembrance Shop.

RSL Sub-Branches outside Queensland. Inquiries re special prices for RSL sub-branches and ex-service organisations wishing to use the badges to raise funds for veteran welfare should be sent to ADCC or phone/fax 07 3263 7118.

Other organisations. Inquiries re special prices for non-RSL veterans' organisations (eg Vietnam Veterans Association) intending to raise funds for veteran welfare should be sent to ADCC

Mail Order Instructions - Badges

Minimum order $15. Please clearly state which badges/sets you require, and enclose payment (cheque, Money Order or credit card details [Mastercard or Visa] and phone number):

  • $5.50 per badge inc GST 

  • plus $2.20 postage and handling fee per order.

Please send your order to:
PO Box 391
ASPLEY, Qld, 4034

Download a 2009 catalogue of all available badges and medallions plus special combination offers.

The following is only a sample. Please click through to the ONLINE SHOP for a complete catalogue listing with prices.






Long Tan Cross Badge - 1st Badge in the Vietnam Series


Helicopter Badge - 2nd Badge in the Vietnam Series


A is for ANZAC


Women at War


Poppy Badge

End of WW1 Anniversary Medallion
Two Sides

Replica of 1919 Children's Peace Medalet

Six commemorative badges, the ANZAC WW1 Series, are presently available either individually or in an attractively packaged set.

Set of all six badges in attractively designed folder the dimensions of a CD case. Unfolds (as shown above) to 440mm wide, 130mm high.  A wonderful gift or keepsake. $30  plus GST. See the online shop for details of individual badges.

Supporters of the Annual Queensland ANZAC Day Badge Appeal

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